Well this sucks!

You know what sucks?


The suck sucks. You know when things don’t work out, or go as planned, or just simply fail all together. You find yourself off of CLOUD 9, and on the floor with zero motivation, a strong desire to cope with something you shouldn’t (for me it’s Dr. Pepper, or a row of Oreos) and the lowest levels of energy known to mankind. 😥


You sit and stare off into space, or scroll aimlessly looking for something to move you. You wonder how you went from the thrill of the high to the blow of the low. “Peaks and valleys” they say. Never ride your highs too high, or your lows too low they say, learn to navigate it all with grace they say. It’s a journey…they (who is they anyway?) say. While all of this may be true, and definitely serves as solid advice, it’s just not enough.


What if I told you the low was the launch pad for the next high? If you just cocked your head to the side in an attempt to instantly understand what I said–lean in.


The LOW really is just a “Learning Opportunity Window” a time for you to uncover, dissect, figure out what is needed next, what you need to do differently. The lows aren’t there to torture you, they are there to teach you. The length of the time we spend in the low is dependent on our ability to do the work that is necessary to learn the lesson that will propel us toward the next slow climb, peak high, and prepare us for the next low. This mindset will give you the ability to reach new heights, evolve who you are from both high to high, and low to low. Eventually you will appreciate the lows with the same level of gratitude as you do the highs. That is called enjoying the journey. That is what making the most of life is all about.


Think about your last low. What did it teach you, how did it make you better, how did it enhance or serve the next part of the journey? Interesting when you start to think about it right? 


Buckle up buttercup and enjoy the ride— one low at a time.


With Gratitude, 


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