Whatever you do, DO NOT DO THIS…

I know you’ve thought about it, but listen to me when I say this to you, or rather as you read what I am saying to you …lol… you did not come this far to only come this far. You have not overcome all those other challenges in your life to let the one you are experiencing right now be the one that stops you. You cannot quit. Like Ever. You HAVE  to keep going. 


You must be the one who keeps going, there are enough quitters in your circle. That breakthrough you are looking for is just around quitters corner, so put one foot in front of the other and keep moving forward. 


Here are a few ways you can overcome the “I wanna just give up and quit” bratty voice that is pouting all the way from your subconscious. 


  1. Take a deep breath, whatever is messing with your mind and emotions is probably a culmination of other stressors not necessarily what you are working towards. 
  2. Take a step back and redefine why this thing is important to you. Ask yourself the following questions. 
    1. Why does this matter? 
    2. Who will it impact? 
    3. Will I be disappointed if I stop now?
    4. What will I not achieve if I give up on this?
    5. Am I deserving of what is on the other side of this struggle? 
  3. Remember that you have this dream for a reason, you have everything within you to overcome and succeed, you just have to give yourself a chance. 


Do you believe in YOU? Because I sure do! 


All the Best, 


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