Have you ever found that the moment you stopped focusing on yourself and your progress and started comparing yourself to others that your success train came to a screeching halt?? It will happen everytime! Why you ask? Simply because comparison is not just the thief of success, but it is also the paralyzer of progress


Have you ever tried to bowl a strike while looking at the lane next to you? Yeah probably not, it’s practically impossible.


Sometimes we get so caught up in where other people are going, that we take our foot off the gas and stop moving.


Everyone has their own lane for a reason. If you are going to stop, stop to celebrate, stop to congratulate, but don’t stop and compare your beginning to their middle.


Always remember to be content with where you are, while celebrating where others are going. There is absolutely no reason to compare. Because when you start comparing you also start compromising your dreams, your confidence, your beliefs, your values, and your gifts. 


Our success journeys are as unique as our fingerprints, we each have our very own that is unlike anyone else’s. 🙌🏻


All the Best, 


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