Trust your gut, and bust your butt.

This would make an excellent graphic tee…

I mean, I’d wear it… 😆 would you? 


We all have those voices in our heads, some a little louder than others, and some we should listen to and others we should downright ignore. There is one voice however that is often heard in your head, felt in your heart, and echoes in your tummy. This voice comes from your innermost desires who has met your potential, and hung out with your dreams. It is in a long term relationship with the furitre version of yourself and comes to you in waves, nudging you to make sure you stay on the path, make the leap, and take action. This is your intuition. The voice of possibility.


Sometimes we hear it clear as day and make breakthroughs, other times it’s hard to decipher because of the noise of life. We need to get better at tuning out the noise and tuning into ourselves.


Whether it’s the little voice in your head, or that feeling in the pit of your stomach, you need to listen to it more. Some call it instinct, some call it intuition, and others refer to it as “the knowing”. Regardless of how you name it you need to lean into it more.


Your intuition is your one-of-a-kind internal GPS that sends out signals that only you can feel, and well sometimes hear (yes, maybe we are all a little bit crazy). 😅


This voice is your internal system signaling you to keep going, change direction, dig deeper, take a step back, leap, and so much more. Its’ job is to keep you on track and in alignment with your purpose and your calling.


Yet, we often ignore it and put it on silent. It continues to vibrate, but we can’t hear it over the sound of other people’s opinions. We can’t feel it under the weight of everyone’s expectations. We can’t see it flashing because we are blinded by prioritizing everyone elses happiness over our own.


The good thing about instincts and intuition is that they are persistent, they’ll keep calling, keep showing up, they will get unruly and loud and make you pay attention, and when you finally do, you’ll realize that they were just trying to redirect you and get you back on track.


Next time instead of seeking validation by way of google or your friend group, go inward and check in with your knowing. She’s been trying to show you the way this whole time. She knows what you need to do, and so do you.


So trust your gut, and bust your butt. What you will find is YOU finally reaching that next level that’s been waiting for you to make an appearance.


Ways to develop a better relationship with your intuition: 


  1. Listen- when you feel something, do something. Good, bad or indifferent don’t brush it off. 
  2. Take Note- literally when you get an idea or inspiration of some kind put it in your notes on your phone or send yourself an email in that moment. 
  3. Connect- make time to silence the world and connect with yourself. You can do this with a walk, meditation, or jump in the shower and let yourself connect with YOU on a deeper level. You will be surprised at  how deepening this connection increases your ability to lean into it. 


Excited to see how trusting your gut and busting your butt pays off in the coming months! 


With Love, 


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