Yes YOU Can!

Do you have a goal you are currently working towards? If so, what is it? It could be health related, work related, growth related, money related…any goal? Now that you have got that goal in mind, is it specific? Like are you wanting to lose 10lbs, be able to run a mile under 10 minutes (that may or not be my goal haha), pay off your credit card, read the new book you bought, complete a project, a revenue goal for your business? Okay now that you have it specified, what specific things need to take place for you to accomplish it? For example, increase minimum monthly payment, run one mile per day, acquire a certain number of customers monthly, increase veggie intake, whatever it is identify the steps to get there. Then the last step is to put daily action plans in place to make it possible. For example, pre-cook veggies, stop eating out, spend more time engaging with current and prospective customers, carving out time daily to get the project complete. 


If you are sitting here scratching your head realizing that you maybe don’t have a goal, let alone a specific goal that you are currently working toward, I can probably pretty much guess that you also feel unmotivated, lost, tired, and just plain blah. This happens because when you do not have something you are working toward you are not working toward anything. As humans we need to constantly be working toward something. You are either moving forward or backward in life, or simply staying the same, and only ONE of those results in change, impact, and value. I’ll let you figure that out. 


The good news is you can set a goal anytime you want. I recommend one at a time to start. The challenge with goal setting is that most people set it, and forget it. The goal is in their mind, but there is no actual plan. We all know what a goal without a plan is just a wish, and well wishes don’t move the needle only action does. This is where a lot of people I coach land. Stuck in the middle. Wanting all these things, but never following through. It is truly why we always have the same 10lbs, the same “someday” project, the same “one day” dreams. Then our lives end and so do all the opportunities we had to make the most of it.


We as humans crave change, improvement, betterment, and movement. This is why you always have those “I should” nudges. 


I should…. 


  • Find another stream of income 
  • Start working out 
  • Eat healthier
  • Start investing 
  • Make better financial decisions
  • Take up yoga
  • Learn to dance 
  • Learn another language
  • Start that business 
  • Enroll in that program


Yet, just like my youthful under eye skin, those nudges and the opportunities that come with them are fleeting.


As we approach the end of the year ( and what a year it’s been) I want you to set a goal for yourself. One that is attainable and realistic. One that will make you proud when you wake up on the first day of the new year. One that you actually put a plan in place for. A goal you actually accomplish. I want you to have one final breakthrough this year. I want that needle to move. I want you to set a new precedence for yourself, and the precedence is this. “When I set a goal I reach it every single time”.  It already feels good just saying it, am I right?!!? Just make me one promise as I send you off on this journey…when it gets hard, or you start to struggle in your progress, don’t decrease your goal, increase your effort. 




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