You are capable of more than you know

Gosh dang it! Can you just read this aloud to yourself 3x with increasing volume and excitement?! I am serious! Do it Here it is— I am capable of more than I know!


There is something very liberating and encouraging about telling yourself this. What you believe about yourself is so important because your beliefs fuel your actions, and as you know your actions lead to results or a lack thereof. 


It is easy sometimes to forget who you are and what you have already overcome in your life. It is also easy to forget about some of the incredible accomplishments you have made over your lifetime. We don’t run around celebrating the big things we’ve done or are doing, and we usually never talk about some of the crazy things we have had to overcome, and you certainly don’t have to start right now. 


However, I would like to encourage you to do something a little crazy, because I want you to see what I see in you—- the ability to do and be anything you want. The ability to pick up your dream right now and bring it to life, the ability to make the rest of your life the best of your life.


So grab a sheet of paper, and on one side I want you to write down everything you have had to overcome– every hardship, heartbreak, tragedy, setback. When you are done I want you to jot down all of the amazing things you have done, from certifications, to degrees, to jobs, to volunteering, to every single thing. Seriously, stop right here and do this quick exercise. 


No seriously, I mean it, do NOT read another line until you do. 


Two things are going to happen. One, you are going to realize how strong and resilient you are. It’s crazy how in a moment when we don’t know how we are going to get through something difficult, but when we look back we can see what we learned and how it served us. Two, you are going to see just how many amazing things you have done in your life, this will enable you to recognize and celebrate yourself, and empower you to do and be more. 


Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that we are more capable than we know. This will give you the strength to get through, the determination to overcome, and the drive to go for it. It will fuel that fire inside of you. While you are at it, say it to your kids, your friends, your co-workers, your team, your mentor, and that random stranger. It’s the right amount of encouragement that will move mountains for others.


With Love, 


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