You are not born with this.

Most people think that you are born with confidence, but that is the furthest thing from the truth. The reality is that confidence is a skill, and we can actually build it over time. Life has a way of challenging our confidence, and our pasts have a way of shaping it. However, we are in complete control of our level of confidence, and actually have the ability to change our brain in regards to its role in our confidence level. (if you want in on all the nerdy details, just pick up a copy of Confidence Code–its fascinating) 

What most people do not know about confidence is that it’s volitional. That’s right, your level of confidence is in no one’s hands but yours. It’s like a muscle, you can train it, shape it, grow it, and most definitely flex it.


Here are a few ways you can increase your confidence like… right now.


  1. Stop comparing yourself to others. That is them, and this is you, and it’s supposed to look different. You can’t write your own story, if you are too busy trying to review someone else’s.


  1. Surround yourself with better people. You know how when you walk into a fancy store, and smell the fancy smells, you suddenly feel a little fancy…yeah well it’s kind of like that. Your circle influences your confidence…. you can’t reach new heights with people who don’t know how to fly.


  1. Practice Positive Self Talk– get rid of your inner Karen, she isn’t doing you any good. For the next 24 hours only speak positively to yourself. Your brain believes all the things you say so watch your mouth and your thoughts. Eventually what you think in private shows up in public.


  1. Stand Up Straight: Science says that good posture enhances self-assurance. When you stand tall or strike your power pose it sends a signal to the brain and boosts brain power. Standing up straight also improves oxygen circulation by 30% naturally boosting mood as well.


  1. Take a few minutes and write down all the things you’ve accomplished, overcome, and survived, You’ll realize you’re kind of a badass after all….take that feeling and throw it around like confetti.

Confidence after all is an outward showing of an inward glowing. So get that inward light shining bright friend, and work to increase your confidence daily! 


Live Inspired, 


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