You need to SEE this!

There is one word you will hear a lot when it comes to becoming your best. That word is consistency. It basically means to do something on a regularly scheduled basis. Consistency is “key” when you are looking to make progress in anything you do. 

The one thing we don’t talk about is the fact that consistency is blind to the input. Good, bad, positive, and negative all compound at the same rate. Consistency has no filter, it just has output


So, what you consistently do…you get, and what you consistently don’t do you also get. 


In essence, where you are is a result of what you consistently do.


Don’t like it, change the input. 


Like it and want more? Upgrade the quality of the input. 


What is one thing you need to be more consistent with? What are you going to do to make that happen right away? What will that look like? What will the output be? 



Let’s Go, 


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