Are you missing the point?

“There are no such things as finish lines, only progress points”


Have you ever set a goal you didn’t make, a deadline you missed, or have a finish line you didn’t cross? Do you remember what that felt like? It felt like total defeat! I remember, because I have been there too! It felt like total failure, and then my level of confidence and belief decreased. There is a huge problem with this though. Just because the finish line wasn’t crossed, doesn’t mean that there wasn’t progress made. Sometimes we get so focused on the big goal, that we forget to recognize the progress along the way.


When it comes to leadership, success, personal growth, or any kind of journey really, there is no such thing as a finish line. A finish line means it’s over, done, and finished. Nothing more.


Can you even imagine saying, I’m finished leading, done growing, done developing, done being healthy?!?! 😬 Just typing it makes my stomach churn.

So let’s flip the script on the finish line mentality, and start mapping out progress points, that lead to the next progress point. The only time to be “done” is if you quit or die.


And GUESS what??!! You’re not a quitter anymore, and you’re still alive!! So get moving, the next progress point is waiting! Always remember that progress is progress no matter how small, progress means you are not being stagnant or complacent at all. (I just wanted to incorporate a Seussical note here). 


So what’s your next progress point? Write it down and get after it! 


All the Best, 


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